Fiserv Unisys Computer Operator, Tech Lead in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Position Description

What does a great Unisys Computer Operator, Tech Lead do?

You will operate host processor and related enterprise server environments, monitoring online and offline processing environments to obtain peak system performance and meet departmental goals and objectives. You will be heavily involved in system and software recoveries as well as recognizing processing trends to proactively correct product lines that fall outside of pre-determined deadlines.

Basic qualifications for consideration:

  • Education:*

  • High school degree or equivalent

Job Related Experience:

  • Responsibilities and expectations of the Senior Computer Operator position must be satisfied.

  • Two years of experience with operating and working with a Unisys Clearpath host

  • Must be able to work 4:30pm CST to 1am CST

  • Days of the week to cover – Wednesday – Sunday or Thursday –Monday or Friday –Tuesday. Any work 5 day work week schedule as long as Saturday and Sunday are included.

  • Must be able to work off-hours, weekends, and holidays

Preferred qualifications for consideration:

Perform the following responsibilities under limited supervision

  • Highly proficient at initiating system tasks unassisted.

  • Remain current on all major Unisys and vendor related operating system commands.

  • Learn, apply, and share new technologies expediently.

  • Highly proficient at understanding all Fiserv product lines and pre-determined deadlines.

  • Communicate problems to management, requiring little assistance to resolve. Take proactive initiative to prepare sound recovery processes, keeping updated documentation on issue resolutions as a resource to others.

  • Proficient at managing multiple product lines simultaneous.

  • Train or mentor newer or lesser-seasoned employees, setting high standards of conduct and work ethics as an example to others.

  • Make sound recommendations on how to improve a product line by documenting suggestions and articulating them to Shift Manager.

  • Possess extreme familiarity with the operation of all hardware and peripheral equipment related to position. (Tape drives, disk pack, CD burners, servers, processors, etc)

  • Pull and prepare magnetic tape media for daily processing according to set guidelines and audit controls.

  • Prepare monthly performance reports or other document as directed by shift manager.

  • Highly proficient in understanding both hardware and software recovery processes. Heavily involved in complex recoveries for both processes and considered the technical go-to person.

  • Follow and understand documented or submitted procedures to arrive at desired end result; able to recognize inaccuracies related to normal operating procedures.

  • Log and report problems identified throughout the shift utilizing a defined “problem tracking and reporting mechanism”; is proactive in problem identification and resolution.

  • Highly proficient in understanding the Fiserv operating system and related product lines.

  • Possess thorough understanding and knowledge of FEP commands and is comfortable with most online restarts.

  • Trouble-shoot online failures that occur outside the norm requiring assistance only when complex situations arise

  • Interpret and use online monitoring tools, understanding all transactional trending to identify when something out-of-norm occurs.

  • Proactively monitor and react to electronic file deliveries across multiple servers and product lines.

  • Manage system software and detect product abnormalities.

  • Strong understanding of all online aspects (24x7) relating to bringing a Usercode online and offline.

  • Send and receive data transmissions utilizing inbound and outbound data transmission tools and adhering to all (checks and balance) routines associated with inbound and outbound data transmissions.

  • Fully understand and meet all file delivery commitments.

  • Articulate thoughts clearly and handle client calls efficiently.

  • Understand telecommunication equipment required to perform duties.

  • Perform all related ACH Bulk processing and balancing routines as well as all related DDA balancing and notification processes.

  • Manage file transfer completion and detect and correct abends.

  • Monitoring and problem resolution of open system back-up jobs.

  • Clearly articulate their concerns to co-workers and management in a professional manner.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Proficient knowledge of Fiserv product lines

  • Continuing education and certification in the area of networking and operating systems

  • Previous experience mentoring and training others

  • A certificate of completion from an accredited data processing school

Direct Reports: None - may be required to act in a limited leadership role in the absence of Shift Supervisor. Shift Supervisor to ensure all deadlines and work is completed.

Who we are:

//Fiserv is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Disability/Vet.//

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